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Aspendale Farms

Jersey Rooster

Jersey Flock

Spangled OEGB rooster

OEGB hen on her nest

A blue muscovy drake with black and lilac hens

A Chocolate muscovy drake with two chocolate and one lilac hens

Batch of black and chocolate ducklings.

We raise a few breeds of poultry. Mainly our focus is on Black Jersey Giant and Spangled Old English Game Bantam chickens and coloured Muscovy ducks. In all of these breeds, we strive toward the breed standards as set out in the APA Standard of Perfection.

We often have hatching eggs, chicks and adult birds available for sale. They will usually be listed on our sale page, but you may also inquire through our contact page if there is something you are looking for.

On occasion breeds other than what are listed above are for sale, but those three breeds are what we concentrate on.

We take the health of our birds seriously. They are on a regular parasite control program, and all incoming birds are put through a strict quarantine procedure before being introduced to our flock. We do not show our birds due to concerns with biosecurity, but we do breed toward show quality and birds we have sold have done well at shows for their new owners.

Jersey Giant Chickens

We discovered the Jersey Giant breed about 10 years ago when we decided that we wanted to breed a rare, heritage breed. The breed caught our attention with its impressive size, gentle nature and rarity.

Jersey giants are the largest recognized breed of chicken in the American Poultry Association's Standard of Perfection. They have been around since the 1800s and were bred as a meat bird, but their numbers declined greatly with the advent of the faster growing meat hybrids like cornish rocks. While jerseys do reach an impressive size of about 13 pounds for mature roosters and 10 pounds for hens, they can take a year or more to reach those sizes. They come in Black, White and Blue varieties, however we currently only breed black.

We take the preservation of the breed seriously and only breed the best birds available. We breed many chicks in a season but only keep the very few best of the best back for our own breeding program. Birds of various ages and quality are for sale when available. In order to preserve the integrity of the breed, we do not sell any cockerels that we feel are not breeding quality, they all go into the freezer. Pullets that are not breeding quality are sold as pet / layers only and will not be sold with a male.

More detailed information on Jerseys can be found on the National Jersey Giant Club's web page.

Spangled Old English Game Bantams

Old English Bantams are on the other end of the size spectrum from the Jerseys, being one of the smallest recognized breeds. Bred down to about 24 ounces for males and 22 ounces for females from standard size Old English Games, their heritage was as a fighting bird. The bantams were bred predominantly for show however, and while they do retain alot of the scrappiness of their larger counterparts, they do make great pets. Their small size makes them easy to keep in smaller pens, and they are quite personable when handled regularly.

More info can be found on the Old English Game Bantam Club of America's web site.

Muscovy Ducks

Muscovies are a breed of duck that originated in South America; they are the only domestic breed of duck that is not derived from mallards, and as such, crossings between Muscovies and mallard derived breeds result in sterile (mule) offspring. The incubation period for Muscovy eggs is also longer at about 35 days versus 28 for other ducks. The hens will often hatch two batches of ducklings in a season each having 10 to 20 ducklings.

They are hardy, intelligent birds, great foragers, insect hunters, prolific breeders, and also good meat ducks, having much less greasy fat than other duck breeds.

We currently raise solid coloured Muscovies in black, blue, chocolate, and lilac, and we are working on adding additional colours like silver and cream.

We sell hatching eggs, ducklings, and all ages up to adults, as well as dressed table birds. All subject to availability, inquire through our contact page for further information.

For more information on Muscovies in general, Muscovy Duck Central's web site is a great resource.