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Aspendale Farms

Harry (Paddy Green Harel 14z) our Tamworth boar

Rosie and her piglets

In researching breeds that would fit our needs, the Tamworth seemed to fit all of our criteria. It is an intelligent breed that is a good forager and pasture pig. Due to their darker colour, they are not prone to sunburn as pink pigs are. They grow to a large size and have a good hair coat. They are good rooters, so are helpful in tilling up the soil.

Tamworth are considered a bacon pig due to their long, deep sides, and do not get as much fat as the lard pig breeds.

The start of our pig herd was three gilt weanlings. Dorothy and Blanche are sisters and pure, unregistered Tamworths. Their half sister Rose is half Tamworth, her mother being yorkshire/duroc/landrace. They were smaller than our barn cats when we brought them home but have grown into lovely girls, all with excellent temperaments and are great mothers.

A few weeks after we brought the girls home, we added Harry (PADDY GREEN HAREL 14Z -[CAN]2182203-) click name for pedigree. We bought him as a weaner as well so we could raise him ourselves. He's a great boar, very easy to get along with and gets along great with the girls.

Our most recent addition is our first purebred, registered sow, Sophia (Heath 60Y). click name for pedigree. Sophia was purchased in-pig to Paddy Green FI2 We will be keeping two gilts from this litter to breed back to Harry.